Reading Recovery

 During the part of the day when I teach Reading Recovery, I work with four first grade students on an individual basis.  Each lesson is 30 minutes long and consists of rereading of familiar books, reading and analysis of a running record book, make and break (how words work), writing, and introduction and reading a new book (which becomes the running record book the next day.)  


Questions and Answers about Reading Recovery

When beginning readers get stuck...

When beginning readers make a mistake...

Wait.  They might work it out.

If it makes sense, don't worry about it.

Say, "Try that again."

If it doesn't make sense, wait to see if the reader will fix it.

Say, "Look at the picture."

Say, "Try that again."

Say, "What would make sense?"

Say, "Does that make sense."

Say, "Get your mouth started on the tricky word."

Say "Does that look right and sound right?"

Tell the reader the word

Tell the reader the word.

for more help when a child comes to a word s/he doesn't  know.



Reading Recovery Council of North America